Friday, November 13, 2009


I started my morning by going to a lovely little breakfast across the way from where I was staying in Madrid. I had a cafe and a creme croissant. I think it was some of some of the best coffee I've had in a long time.

I caught a taxi and met the bus and the rest of the people I would be spending the next 8 days with. The4 1/2 drive to Cazorla was uneventful and went quite quickly. We arrived in Cazorla and it was truly more than I expected. It looks like a postcard. The room by European standards are quite lush. I have a private entry, toilet, sitting area, balcony, and bedroom. Of course, during the high season, these accommodation would be shared.

The food is generous and quite good. Traditional to my experiences in Europe in general, is it simple and wholesome.

After dinner we are expected to social for 2-3 hours. I of course order vodka and soda and then listen to my cohorts talk about the day, their jobs, families, and general joking as done in any bar throughout the world I have been to.


Colleen said...

Corzola looks spectacular! Take lots of pictures. And have a V&T for me. Looking forward to your next post. :) said...

Living vicarously through you! Keep talking girlfriend

Charl said...

Ok, 2nd time posting a comment, I hope this goes through...

I miss you terribly and can't believe I didn't see you off. I need less work and more life.

Any-hoo - I wish I was sitting at the cafe enjoying a creme croissant with you. You are having an incredible adventure and I can't wait to see some pics.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy and keep the updates coming.

Love, Charl XOXOXOXO