Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anglos and Spanairds

Yesterday was my first full day at PuebloIngles. We start the morning at 9 am with a Spanish styled continental breakfrast and sticking to the rules for all meals, 2 Anglos and 2 Spanairds per table. We eat and talk and laugh. Then for the morning hours we have 50 min. 1-on-1s, 1 Spanaird paired with 1 Anglo. We are assigned one phrasal verb to discuss, ie, "catch up" and one idiom, ie, "beating around the bush". We walk, we talk and we laugh.

Because there are more Anglos than Spanairds in this session, the Anglos are getting an extra free hour each day. Yesterday, Joan, Dawn and I went to the Sunday market. This is not tourist market at all, everything you would buy at mall is available at these markets and everyone from town comes to shop, socialize and hangout.

At 2pm we have a full lunch, 2 plates, wine, water and desert. More talking and laughing. Then siesta! This is very important as the program lasts each day til 1 am and we are non-stop interacting and talk all the other time. This is also our free time to go shopping, email, read, etc. Then at 5pm we start with group activities. Games, problem solving, tricks. Last night me, 2 other Anglos and 2 Spanairds put on a play for the whole group. We spent and couple of hours practicing and then, the big show! I have never laughed so much for so long.

After group time, dinner at 9pm. Same as lunch, 2 plates, wine, water, desert. Then at 11 it's time to socialize. We go downstairs to the bar. Last night we learned Salsa dancing, sang songs, drank, played pool.

This is really a crazy busy schedule. But, what an opportunity to get to know 20 new Anglos and 17 Spanairds. Many of these people will be my friends for a life time!

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Colleen said...

Sounds like you're having SO much fun!! (Kinda reminds me of all the great times I had when I went away to camp.) Wish I was there to share in all the laughter. Looking forward to your next post :)