Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Metro in Spain

My flight was uneventful and actually quite pleasant. I had the most congenial travel mates on my flight from Seattle to Philly and I ended up sitting alone flying across the pond. All in all quite nice. After landing in Madrid, I turned on my cell phone. I had preset the roaming configuration in Philly, so I would have phone service here. Currently, I still have no service. I'm not happy and it has definetly made my life a bit more difficult.

Getting through customs in Spain was a breeze. Probably the easiest I've ever done!

After collecting my luggage and exchanging money, I decided to take the Metro to the city rather than hiring a taxi. The Metro was only 2 Euro! What a great deal. I did have to change trains twice but that was not going to discourage me from having an authentic experience. After lugging my 43 lb. suitcase up the 4th set of stairs, my blazer was soaked with sweat.

Once I got out of the subway at Gran Via I followed the signs to Montera. Unbelievable, the Hostel Hjerez is right across from the entrance! But alas, the business is on the 6th floor. Oh please I prayed, let there be a lift.

Since my flight arrived 45 minutes early, my room of course is not ready. However, their lobby is pleasant and sitting has given me a chance to cool off and regroup. Next on the itinerary, dinner at Casa Patas. Wonder if I'll be able to find it?

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Colleen said...

Oh, this is so exciting. Getting to travel to Spain vicariously through your blog. Glad you arrived safely. I can totally relate to having to cart yr heaving suitcase up flight after flight of stairs. Made me buy a knapsack ;) Hostel Hjerez looks very nice. Hope you had a tasty dinner!