Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Excusion day into Cazorla

Yesterday was excursion day into the town. Generally a guided tour would be very interesting and a great opportunity to learn about the area. But, the evening before was "The Party" where we were expected to socialize with each other until 3am which by Spanish standards wasn't that late. This also wouldn't have been too bad if we were allowed to sleep in but we are expected to be at breakfast at 9 am and the excursion started at 10am. I managed to get to bed about 3am but many of my new friends didn't get to bed until 5 am! Hangover, exhaustion, was common for the day. Fortunately, every day we have siesta, and yes, I too took a nap.

There are new photos on Facebook.

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Colleen said...

I've heard the party starts late in Latin culture. But that means you should be able to sleep late! Don't know how those Spaniards do it. Hope you get lots of sleep tonight. =)