Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wave Hello to 2010; Say Goodbye to 2009

Tomorrow I will be a guest on a Pam Hoelzle radio show, Chat with Women on iTunes at 8 am PST. Our subject is on "What Matters". Inspired by Seth Godin's E-Book

So here is my list of what I'm waving Hello to and what I'm saying Goodbye to.

  • Learning Spanish
  • Going back to Spain
  • Growing my business, LUDesigns
  • Living in gratitude
  • New relationships

  • Debt
  • Stuff
  • Doormat behaviors in relationships
  • Crazy busy
  • Settling for less than I want

There it is. My goals and resolutions for 2010. Of course I have a number of other smallers goals, like lose 10 pounds (I'm much more realistic these days), eat healthy, go to the gym, etc. But my 5x2 two list hits the really important points of my life right now. These will help get to my general 5 year goal.